Your Little Finger Reveals What Kind Of Person You Are

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Low Positioned

Is your little fingered positioned lower than the other fingers? If this is the case you’re full of expectations and ambitions but they’re most often just dreams which you never set into action. You want to talk a lot but rarely do anything to make your dreams come true.

Square Shape

People with little finger whose first joint resembles a rectangle and its tip is flat are said to have boxy little finger. They are sincere, confident and good leaders. Moreover, they are very honest, which is both their strength and weakness, making it hard for them to become friends with sensitive people.


If your little finger has a pointy tip you’re an excellent public speaker and enjoy being in the spotlight. You’re good with words, be it the spoken ones or the written. You learn new languages with ease and possess diplomatic qualities.


A curved little finger is a finger that’s bent towards the other fingers. If you have a curved little finger you’re a real pacifist and you hate and avoid any kind of conflict and confrontation. You also love bringing conflicted sides together, possessing somewhat peacemaking abilities.

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