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Hey, everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to be showing you how to do this really nice wedding hairstyle, and that’s quite easy to recreate And now just before I start if I could ask any of you watching this who haven’t already subscribed to my channel I’ll be so grateful if you could all you have to do is click on the [red] button there to the right Subscribe and that way you’ll never miss a tutorial [ok], so we’re just going to start off This hairstyle by curling or hair so what I have done is I’ve tied up the tub parent of stairs here And I’m just going to curl the bottom there first Now I’m just wrapping the hair around the wand and I’m holding it for about five seconds now I’m just going to release it and then I’m going to hold that curl in place with a hair grip and Then I’m basically just going to do this for the rest of her hair So once I have curled all of Sarah’s hair I’m just going to spray some hairspray on the curls I’m going to leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes And then actually that I’m just going to release the curls one by one so once I’ve released the curves I’m just going to use my comb and slightly back amish Now you can also do this and with your fingers you don’t need to have the call what I normally do is I just take the curl and then I just pull on strands in the curl So just pull them out words and that kind of gives it a bigger effect and So this is what it looks like when I have released all the curves from the grips now The only thing is I kind of want to take away the sharpness from this curl.

So what I want to do is I’m just going to brush it out. Don’t be afraid to brush it out. It’s still gonna look nice anyway, and So I’m just going to push it out slightly and then after that. I’m just gonna give some volume to the top of Sarah’s hair So what I’m using is the market clapping powder And I’m basically just putting some of that on the roots of tears hair, and then I’m just back combing it slightly oh And once I finished and using the plumpkin cutter what I want to do is I’m just going to kind of create a quiff, so I’m gonna brush our hair back And then I’m going to tie it up with some Bobby pins now seeing as I need to create a base for this hairstyle and What [I] [want] to do is I want to take the top section And I’m going to hold it in place with a grip and then with the lower section I’m just going to take a clear elastic band. I’m going to tie that section up, and then I want to create a gap, and I’m going to bring the ponytail through that Gap and Then I’m going to talk on the outer parts.

Just kind of make it look bigger [and] then I’m just going to release the air from the grip and I’m just going to create another pony tail now. I’m leaving the site Loose because I want to bring them in with some Bobby pins, so I’m just going to do another two ponytails and then I’m just going to talk on the outer parts and Then I want to leave it at that and now if you want to do this hairstyle without flowers, you can So what you do is you would just kind of twist the hair in words And then just tie it up with Bobby pins all around But today, I wanted to show it to you with flowers because I think the flowers make a real difference So I just bought these flowers from the local store They were through Europe and I think they’re actually called babies, bright And they’re really nice for like weddings and for spring or summer hair cells, so what I do is I [just] kind of stick the flowering and then I wrap the hair around it and hold it in place with a Bobby pin So just again all I’m really doing is I’m twisting the hair in words And then I’m kind of sticking the flowers in and then I’m holding it in place with a Bobby pin and So that’s it then.

That’s the hairstyle All you have to do now is just put on any pieces of hair that need to be fixed And so yeah, I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial if you did, please let me know your thoughts in the comment Box below.

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