Truth About Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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Are you worried over the stretch marks on the abdomen? In general, the stretch marks on the abdomen are formed in the last trimester, when the belly reaches its maximum expansion.
During the time of pregnancy, the collagen and elastin fibers (that function to strengthen and bind the abdominal skin) weaken and tear down because of extreme stress and tension. The dermal tissue that lies underneath tear and as a result the outermost layer (epidermal tissue) thins down and stretches.

The tissue becomes more transparent and reveals the dermal tearing lying underneath. As a result, you get deeply furrowed and reddish skin, associated with scarred stretch marks. After the childbirth when the abdomen reduces and gets back into the original size, then the loose abdominal skin accentuates the stretch marks and makes the belly look uncouth.

Truth About Pregnancy Stretch Marks:

Some myths and facts about pregnancy stretch marks are as follows.


Myth: Only obese women get stretch marks during pregnancy.

Fact: Whether you are slim or overweight, occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy is natural in both. At least ninety percent women get stretch marks during pregnancy.


Myth: The stretch marks on the abdomen persist forever.

Fact: The stretch marks on the abdomen may persist for a long time but with proper care becomes less noticeable over time.


Myth: The stretch marks on the abdomen keep on increasing with time and spread over other regions of the body, especially on thighs and upper arms.

Fact: The stretch marks from the abdomen are not contagious and cannot get transmitted to other parts of the body, unless there is some change in the tissues in other areas, due to any other reason.

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