The Long Kept Secret By Doctors: The Wrinkles & Bags Will Disappear For 4 Days

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Women around the world face an irritable issue: wrinkles and under-eye bags. Numerous lotions for skin lightening are being used, but the skin has lost its elasticity with ages. Some of those lotions do have an effect, but they are pretty expensive. That is why we present you several tricks that will help you get rid of the wrinkles and the bags under your eyes.


The caffeinated tea contains natural tannin, a substance with mild diuretic effects which has long been used among people.

Models usually use tea for reducing the bags under their eyes.

You just need to soak two filter sachets into hot water and let the tea cool in the freezer for some time.

Once the tea is cold, put the tea bags onto your eyes, let them for five minutes, and once you remove them, you will notice how refreshed your eyes will be.


Many people deal with dark circles under their eyes, which are the result of fatigue.

This makes these people older than they really are.

So, if you did not have the time to rest, you can now solve the problem with the circles under your eyes by cutting the avocado and putting the pieces of it under your eyes.

You can also blend some avocado, add some blended almonds to it and put this mixture onto your eyes.

Metallic spoons

Take two metallic spoons, hold them for several minutes under cold water and place the lower parts of the spoons under your eyes for 30 to 60 seconds.

The cold metal will make your tired eyes look fresher and more energetic.

Fresh cucumbers

If you have read and swollen eyes, take two pieces of fresh cucumber, cut them, lie down, and hold the cucumber pieces onto your eyelids for half an hour.

You will see how your eyes will become refreshed and lighter, and you will also get some rest during those 30 minutes.

Cream for hemorrhoids

This is the secret of many actresses and models.

The cream against hemorrhoids is efficient for treating swollen eyes and reducing wrinkles.

In case you find the smell of this cream too strong, mix it with your usual moisturizer before applying.

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