My Friend Gave Me This Recipe and My Nails Stopped Breaking and They Grow Healthy and Fast

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Aside from garlic, to prepare his home remedy you’ll need vitamin E capsules and lemon. The remedy we recommend is even better than the store-bought ones because it’s richer in all the essential vitamins and nutrients your nails need to grow stronger and is free of toxic chemicals because it’s 100% natural. The garlic will eliminate all the bacteria and fungi, the vitamin E will make your nails stronger and the lemon will eliminate any yellow spots or streaks, making your nails more beautiful.

Homemade Natural Nail Strengthener


-3 garlic cloves
-20 drops of lemon juice.
-1 vitamin E capsule
-Transparent nail polish

Preparation Method

-First, peel the garlic and soak the cloves in some hot water for 15 minutes.
-Take them out of the water and crush them into the fine paste.
-Mix the garlic paste with the powder from the vitamin E capsule and pour the mixture into the nail polish.
-Then add the lemon juice and stir until the ingredients are combined.
-Apply this remedy every day on your nails and let it dry off.
-Peel it off the next day before you apply a fresh new layer.
-Perform this treatment for a month minimum for best results.

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