Do This For Just 6 Minutes Every Day – Here’s What Happens To Belly Fat

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Although the term “core” is often used in the same context as “abs”, there is a huge difference between the two.  The abs are just abs while the core consists of abs, glutes, lower back, and the hips.

The core is a complex combination of muscles which basically involves everything apart from the arms and the legs.  As such, it takes part in literally every movement of the body. These muscles can act as dynamic or isometric stabilizer for movement, transferring the force from one extremity to another.

Anything that involves the use of the abdominal and back muscles in coordinated manner counts as a core exercise. Given that core exercises target the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen, they help improve balance and stability.

Apart from strengthening your abs and the benefits above, training your core also improves your posture, relieves low back pain, boosts your athletic performance, and protects you against various injuries.

Most people tend to focus on training the core in isolation, doing crunches or back extensions vs functional movements such as push-ups, overhead squats, deadlifts, and other functional closed chain exercises. The problem is that by training this way, they are missing out better strength gain, more effective movement,  and even longevity.

Here is a simple 3-core training series, allowing you to reap the benefits of your training and blast the belly fat for good. Check it out!

Day 1

This exercise routine involves three exercises and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

  • Exercise #1: Skyscrapers – 10 per side
  • Exercise #2: Windshield Wipers – 10 per side
  • Exercise #3: Army Crawls – 36 steps

Day 2

This workout consists of four exercises and it will take 5 minutes or less to complete. More ambitious individuals may try a second round of this circuit.

  • Exercise #1: Breakdancer – 15 per side
  • Exercise #2: Skydiver – Hold for 30 seconds
  • Exercise #3: Dead Bug -10 reps
  • Exercise #4: Thread the Needle – 10 per side

Day 3

Ultimately, day three`s workout includes four challenging core exercises which will take 6 minutes to complete.

  • Exercise #1: Crab kicks into Superman – 6 per side
  • Exercise #2: Star leg raise – 10 per side
  • Exercise #3: Side V-ups – 10 per side
  • Exercise #4: Over/unders – 10 per side


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