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It has been observed that The best detoxification happens while when we are sleeping because it’s at that moment the body starts to modify and recover tissues. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is the fundamental detoxification organ and it works at its best between 1am and 3am.

This is one of the reasons these detox drinks are so beneficial. One necessity for a successful detoxification is that we are getting a decent time of sleep. Another factor for a successful detox is that we have sufficient natural and blood liquids for the procedure so the body doesn’t become over-burdened with unsafe substances, which are known to be discharged when we detox.

The detoxification can also lead to sound digestion, which can cause a reduction in weight as well as increased fat burning for those who need to deal with weight gain issues. These are some cleansing beverages and teas you can drink before going to bed that can help with a lot of health issues.

1. Jujube fruit

This is a Chinese herb that provides liver blood needed for cleansing and burning fat. Da Zao or Jujube, in addition sooths the psyche and helps our worried mind to get a quality rest.

2. Chamomile tea

This tea has a strong flavor due to its sesquiterpene lactone content, which helps the liver find the detoxification pathways. Chamomile also causes a nervine activity on the body meaning that it is utilized to soothe the nerves and enable us to slow down and nod off. This herb also has calming effects which additionally help the body to manage intermediates of detox which can lead to higher levels of irritation.

3. Rose tea

Rose is a great herb that is identified with our heart meridian which is connected with our feeling. This is the main reason why rose has kept the image of adoration all these years. Rose is very helpful in finding the best possible stream of vitality from the liver as the uncalled stream of Qi or vitality can cause depressive states. Decreasing depressive states is crucial for appropriate rest. Rose tea also enables the blood to move through all of our body due to its astringent properties.

4. Lemon water

This is one of the beverages you should drink every day by squeezing fresh lemon in water or by cutting lemons and adding them to your water. Drinking lemon water around evening helps clear poisons out of your blood. Lemon water is more efficient when it is warm.

5. Lotus seed

This herb comes from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps us make a great evening tea. If stress and nervousness keep you up around evening this herb is can help you. It helps relax the brain and can also help in case you are having heart palpitations. Lavender can also be added in this tea to additionally increase its benefits.

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