21 Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas from Instagram

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Halloween is on it’s way, so you should be thinking about what makeup you are going to wear. If you haven’t decided already then this is the blog post for you. We have rounded up 21 of the most unique Halloween makeup ideas from Instagram. So, you don’t have to spend hours searching – all the coolest looks are here! We have something for everyone including leopards, broken dolls, zombies and more.

1. Glitter Clown Unique Halloween Makeup

First up we have this glitter circus clown makeup idea. The artist has used the classic clown design with the eyes and lips but glammed it up with green glitter and red sequins. She has also created an awesome stripe design in body paint. Makeup like this would look amazing at a party. You can change the glitter colors to for your own design and swap the sequins for red lipstick.

Glitter Clown Unique Halloween Makeup

Source: @erikamariemua

2. Colorful Skeleton Makeup

Next, we have a colorful skeleton idea. The face has a half skeleton look and the design continues onto the upper body. Behind the bones is a background of vibrant colors. This is a fun and spooky idea that allows you to wear a Halloween costume without being too scary. Either recreate a similar look or just try the face design if you don’t want to paint your body.

3. Halloween Scarecrow Costume Idea

We couldn’t create a Halloween makeup ideas list without mentioning the classic scarecrow. Scarecrows have been terrifying people for many years and will continue to do so. With that said, here is an awesome example of scarecrow makeup. It has all the classic features and spooky contacts. This would be quite simple to recreate at home.

Halloween Scarecrow Costume Idea

Source: @ciaciaxo

4. Glam Leopard Makeup

Let our your wild side this Halloween with leopard makeup like this! The design features glittering gold spots with super glam makeup. Makeup like this is perfect for when you want to wear something for Halloween but want to look gorgeous too. You can check out the tutorial on the artist’s page to find out how to create the leopard look yourself.

Glam Leopard Halloween Makeup

Source: @jadedeacon

5. Pop Art & Pin-Up Zombie

Pop art inspired makeup is very popular at Halloween. Makeup like this usually involves bright colors and designs that look cartoonish or comic book like. Here is a brilliant example of using pop art to create a zombie look. She has used striking blue and purple with a skeletal look. The artist has added a vintage pin-up twist but you can stick to gory zombie if that is what your prefer.

Pop Art Pinup Zombie Idea for Halloween

Source: @bangtsikitsiki

If you want to recreate this look for Halloween, we recommend you follow the steps from the YouTube tutorial below.

6. Cracked Doll Halloween Makeup

Our next idea features a cracked doll face which is a Halloween favorite. We love this one because the eye makeup is amazing as well as the cracked feature. There are tutorials online to help you recreate the broken look. You can also check out the products used on the artist’s page. Try a similar look to this one or use the cracks on your own makeup design.

Cracked Doll Halloween Makeup

Source: @makeupbyalinna

7. Scary Pink Clown Makeup Look

Next, we have another clown idea. This one is quite unique when compared to the many other designs because it is bright pink. We love this vibrant clown makeup because it is fun but scary. You can recreate the pink look or use a different bold color. Keep your contacts striking though to keep your makeup looking spooky.

Scary Pink Clown Makeup Look for Halloween

Source: @amrihearts

8. Half Pumpkin Makeup

Half and half makeup designs are so popular at Halloween because you get two looks in one. This one features a pumpkin design with a normal face. We love this one because it actually looks like the skin is peeling off. You can recreate something similar to this, use different Halloween makeup or even wear darker makeup on the normal side of your face.

Half Pumpkin Halloween Makeup

Source: @c_flower

Here is a YouTube tutorial for the look!

9. Pretty White Skeleton Makeup

Want to join in with the Halloween fun but want to look pretty too? Then this makeup idea is for you. Here we have a skull design that uses white makeup instead of the classic black and dark grey. By using white you get a more delicate line which gives it an almost elegant look. Recreate similar makeup to this or create your own design.

Pretty White Skeleton Halloween Makeup

Source: @makeupfiend369

10. Cute Wolf Makeup Idea

Our next idea features another Halloween classic. Here we have a werewolf design. We love this look because it is scary but cute. It would also be quite simple to recreate at home. You can use this as inspiration for your own wolf look or you can use elements of this to create a feline design too.

Cute Wolf Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @caitmarks


11. Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup

Next, we have a sugar skull makeup idea. Sugar skulls are a Halloween favorite because they look amazing and keep in with the spooky occasion too. Here is a brilliant example of a sugar skull. You can use this image as inspiration or you can create your own intricate patterns.

12. Creepy Clown Halloween Makeup

There are so many different ways to create clown makeup. We have covered glittery and vibrant, now is the time for creepy. This artist has created the illusion that she is wearing a clown mask and the mask features scary black and white makeup. Makeup like this will freak everyone at a Halloween party.

 Creepy Clown Halloween Makeup

Source: @spookylilpeach

13. Steampunk Halloween Makeup Idea

Looking for a unique makeup idea or maybe are you a sci-fi fan? If so, this idea is for you. Here we have a steampunk makeup design. Steampunk is a part of the sci-fi genre and usually involves old fashioned machinery from the 19th century. Think Victorian fashion that has a technological twist. This makeup is perfect for anyone who loves steampunk or who wants a different costume idea.

Steampunk - Unique Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @bangtsikitsiki

14. Glam and Glitter Skeleton Makeup

Our next idea features a glamorous glitter skull design. The artist has created a skeletal look with makeup and then has added glitter and gems. We love the placement of the gems because they look like teeth. Take inspiration from this and create your own sparkly skull design.

Glam and Glitter Skeleton Makeup for Halloween

Source: @auroramakeup

Aurora’s YouTube tutorial for the look is down below. Enjoy!

15. Vibrant Half Pop Art Zombie

Earlier in the post we shared a pop art zombie. Here we have another pop art inspired zombie but this one uses bold green. It is also more cartoony than the one we previously featured. This design shows that there are other awesome ways to use the pop art style to create fun makeup for Halloween.

Vibrant Half Pop Art Zombie Makeup for Halloween

Source: @cierajewelmua

16. Deer Halloween Makeup

Another popular makeup choice for Halloween is a cute deer design like the one featured. The artist has created white spots and a black nose and mouth for the deer look. She has paired it with glam eye makeup. This is an easy and pretty Halloween makeup idea. You can check out the products used on the artist’s page.

Cute Deer Halloween Makeup

Source: @_monicamakeup

17. Skeletal Clown

Next, we have an idea that combines two Halloween classics – the clown and the skeleton. This artist has used classic clown features like the red lips and nose. She has combined this with a skeletal look. Makeup like this is perfect for anyone who wants a unique look or can’t decided what design they would like. You can combine two other creatures too.

Skeletal Clown Makeup Idea for Halloween

Source: @cirquelady_87

18. Pretty Floral Makeup

Looking for beautiful Halloween makeup? Then this next pick is for you. Here we have a stunning makeup idea with gorgeous 3D flowers. Makeup like this would be perfect for fairy costumes or if you just want to look unique. You can recreate a similar design or use different colors and flowers.

 Pretty Floral Halloween Makeup

Source: @_lahrin_

19. Bride of Frankenstein

Our next idea features makeup inspired by Frankenstein’s Bride. The artist has created stitches and has the classic hair. This would be awesome for a Halloween party. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you make stitches so you can create different looks to this one. Maybe less red or maybe more gory. You can create 3D stitches too.

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Costume Idea

Source: @tabreefx

20. Half Skull Makeup

Love skull makeup? Then this idea could be what you are looking for. Here we have half a skull design. We love this skull makeup because it is glittery with gems. You can recreate something similar or use darker makeup on the other side of your face to make the look scarier for Halloween.

21. Stitches Halloween Makeup

Last on our list is this stitches makeup idea. We featured this because it is an awesome way to create a stitched look. You can recreate something similar to the image or use the stitches for other ides such as Frankenstein, ghosts, zombies and more.

Creepy Stitches Halloween Makeup

Source: @maly_mojo

We hope you have found some unique Halloween makeup ideas! We know we did.

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